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Abduction and Kidnapping


Do you have any advice for writing kidnapping? Specifically estranged parent kidnapping from parent who has custody? - livingdeadblondegirl 

What you are referring to is abduction, not kidnapping***. What you described also has a name: Parental child abduction. Here’s the difference. (x)

  • Abduction is when someone uses deceit or force in order to take a person or a child away from their home or relatives. […]The most common cases of abduction are seen in divorce cases, where one parent is given the sole custody of a child. The person who abducts is not holding the person for profit or any monetary gain from the victim. The laws for abduction crimes vary from state to state and country to country, depending on the severity of the crime.
  • Kidnapping is taking away or forcefully transporting a person against their will and holding them in false imprisonment, a confinement without legal authority.  […] Kidnapping involves taking a person from their family forcefully without their consent with the motive of holding the person as a hostage and earning a profit from their family. The kidnapping could be for a number of reasons such as getting monetary reward, or getting some sort of benefit from the person.

 Now that we know the difference, we can work on each. 

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A simple theme. My first. Please leave the credit intact. Don't copy, use as base.

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Once upon a time, a magical land called Grimmearth held every story you’ve ever heard. From an Enchanted Forest to West Egg, from Camelot to Wonderland, from St. Petersburg to Oz, from London to the Tara plantation, from the workhouse to the barricade, every story you’ve heard was true. Ruled by the god the Storyteller, each story lived in perfect harmony. But good things never last forever, and one by one, every Grimmearth resident met their end.

Now they’re back.

Welcome to Pageson.


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Under the cut you will find some gifs of Anna Popplewell, actress. This is for roleplaying purposes only, so all credit goes to the owners of these. If you’d like credit for some of these, please let me know - I’m only trying to help by handing out gifs, so I own none of these at all!


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♛ 67 textless, small/medium, hq gifs of MEGAN FOX can be found under the cut. These are all RECENT gifs of her. None of these gifs are mine, credit to the original makers. If you see your own gif/gifs here and want me to take them down, just message me. Reblogs and likes are helpful and always appreciated. 


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these all have a few layers that you can mix and match they still look cute, do whatever u want just don’t claim as your own!!! likes or reblogs are nice aha :) DOWNLOAD


Hello Armourites! Give the nature of the roleplay, I thought you’d all enjoy a gif hunt full of 180+ of different powers and abilities and stuff like that. I’ll add onto this often, and all updates will be labeled on the bottom. None were made by me, yadda yadda, Happy rping~


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Okay so, I was pretty bored, and so this happened.

Font used on the first one was Helvetica Neue, and the one used on the second is called Roboto.

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Theme #03 by kahniss

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abbeyofrp makes gradient pack #006 - shuffle
This is my sixth gradient pack and it’s just six gradients where I pretty much shuffled my Spotify playlist. If you’re going to use one or more of these please like the post but if you’re an rph or anything along those lines, I’d appreciate it if you could reblog this post. DOWNLOAD ♔