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PSD #003 by royalscolor

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How to use layer masks


So, layer masks are these super cool things that I love using on gifs like these

image image image image

There are many complex ways to use layer masks, such as doing black and white cutouts, blending gifs, mixing multiple parts of a gif with another, ect. but I’m just going to show you the basic way to use them which is also what I do for my previews for gifs and stuff like that. Read below for info on how to use layer masks on gifs! (and in general)

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#THEME 9 - Durban skies by emilieraven:

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↳ here you find #122 small/medium gifs of antonia thomas. none of these gifs are mine, so the credit goes to the rightful owners. there maybe some reps, i'm sorry for that. like/reblog if this helped you, hope you enjoy.

tumblr_n1wq4bdnEd1rcxicvo5_r1_250.gif (245×165)

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which gif hunt on my todo list should i do next?

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MASTERLIST: 170 hobbies

Below the cut you will find 170 hobbies for your character, sorted into three categories and then into outdoors and indoors. Each hobby is provided with a link to its own Wikipedia page.

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              AN ACTIVE 10x10 SMALL TOWN RPG

                                 TWO OPEN ROLES - APPLY TODAY!

                          ☆ THIS IS TWENTY ☆ 

Being in your twenties can be scary, and not always what you expect.
People put so much emphasis on High School but seem to forget that the most important thing is the life you lead after it.

In the small country town of Bennington, Vermont, everyone has a past that has contributed to who they are today. Everyone has demons to face, burdens to bear, responsibilities to tackle, and people to meet. It’s a time to discover one’s self and sometimes the best way to do that is to return to the roots of where of one grew up. For some, they never left Bennington, but for others, they’re coming back to see just what they missed in their hometown.


  This is a new roleplay about love, friendship, self-discovery and most importantly, life.


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THEME 19.0 - Omniscience

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flawless base code by meliapond

"the dark knight" starter prompts

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Here are 20 of my favorite male names with their meanings and origin. I hope this helps you in some way with coming up with a name for your character. Sometimes that can be the hardest part.

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