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Theme #10: You’re So Dark - static preview (500 px) // static preview (400px)  || code (500px) // code (400px)

  • 6 links
  • 400px posts
  • customizable colors
  • 140px sidebar image (will resize but image has to be square)

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02 | INTERFERENCE | static preview, code

  • 400px or 250px posts
  • size options for title
  • 3 additional links on sidebar
  • clicking the plus shows the description and links
  • pagination fades in at bottom as you scroll
  • it’s pretty simple, tbh

(the preview is small title with 250px posts)

ask me if you have any questions!

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theme 38 by zaynys ®
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  • tutorial by
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  • works for screencaps too

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a guide on: roleplaying

today’s choice: regaining muse

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Character PSD #005; "VANESSA" by ThatAussieRPs ❋ { download }

This is a simple Character PSD I made. It does not come with a PSD but I used this one [x] for the images and all credit goes to the maker. The font arial is used which I’m pretty sure everyone should have. Please do not redistribute and/or claim as your own and include credit. Please also like and/or reblog if downloading as I would appreciate it very much! If assistance is needed, please ask!


25 Free Christmas Card Fonts! // A Subtle Revelry

1. (with title) Menjelajah Halmahera, by Gunarta | 2. Bacana, by MAGOfonts | 3. Batter Up, by Out of Step Font Company | 4. Antrokas, by Roci | 5. Bold and Blue, by weknow | 6. Bodoni, by Casady & Greene | 7. Sailor’s Delight, by Out of Step Font Company | 8. Herr Von Muellerhoff, by Sudtipos | 9. Elsie, Alenjandro Inler | 10. Alex Brush, by TypeSETit | 11. Cursive Sans, by Wojciech Kalinowski | 12. Foglihtenno07, GLUKfonts | 13. Landliebe, by Richard Mitchell | 14. Capriola Regular, by Viktoriya Grabowska | 15. Serious Sally by JOEBOB  | 16. Raleway, by The League of Moveable Type | 17. Robinne Truecase, by Nymphont | 18. Cursive Serif, by Wojciech Kalinowski | 19. Kenzo by Frank Hemmekam | 20. Font5, by Intestino Grueso | 21. Magenta Flower, by weknow | 22. All Things New, by Kimberly Geswein | 23. Quivira, by Alexander Lange | 24. Miama, by Linus Romer | 25. League Script, by Haley Fiege

Moodboard Gif Hunt


Under the cut are #790 quality moodboard gifs. None of these gifs were made by me, but I did edit a ton of them so that they would fit the right size. Like if you use/found this useful. I don’t really know if there is anything else to say, so enjoy!


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Anonymous said,

Could I beg for a gif hunt of Meghan Trainor, please?

On it!

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Hello, love! We're an active plotless celebrity rp and we would appreciate it so much if we could please get a shoutout? Thank you so much for your time.
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