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PSD #16 - Faded Vintage Coloring | Download
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Yet another “vintage’ sort of coloring. There is an optional brightness/contrast layer underneath the main psd; different images may require more or less brightening. All gifs have been sharpened before applying, nothing more.


—under the cut you’ll find ??? small/medium, HQ gifs of the gorgeous CRISTINE PROSPERI + larger/less hq gifs toward the end. text gifs have been ommitted. i’m a copy ‘nd paster, so i apologize for any frozen gifs that you may cross while downloading and uploading. sorry for repeats and possible grey boxes as well. although i cut a few of these gifs, none of them are mine, so kudos to the owners/makers. if you happen to find this useful, please reblog or like this.

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A new character psd from lilys-rph. This is a two part graphic, as shown above. Fonts used are: Alégre Sans and Xero Typique. Please like/reblog if using or downloading. Do not repost/edit and repost or claim as your own.

Download here: and 

Plot #24


MUSE A and MUSE B are best friends, and have lived in the same big city all their lives. Having everything from malls to theaters to museums to clubs, the city was a great place to grow up. Lately, however, they’ve watched this city they know and love crumble, becoming overrun by gangs, shootouts, robberies, and murder. Crime rates have never been higher, and the city feels more like an episode of “The Sopranos” than a home.

So, one day, MUSE A gets a fantastic (to them) idea. Getting masks and whatever weapons (real weapons or improvised ones) they can find, MUSE A convinces MUSE B to join them on a night of fighting crime. MUSE B is reluctant, but eventually agrees, if only to keep MUSE A from getting killed. Their stint of vigilantism is pure chaos, and it’s a miracle they survive the night… and they love every minute of it.

Brushing up on their self-defense skills, MUSE A and MUSE B decide to become masked vigilantes, trying their best to protect the city they love so much. This has… varying degrees of success, and the two struggle to keep themselves from becoming as bad as the criminals they’re fighting, or from anyone finding out their double lives.


  • This could easily be a 2x2 (or a 3x3, etc. etc.) if you wanted to make a vigilante team.
  • One of them gets seriously hurt, and the other must care for them.
  • At first, they try to keep from actually killing anyone. Then, they get in a pinch that forces them to.
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                           "HEAVEN COULDN'T WAIT FOR YOU" —
                                        THEME 14, BY SHAYSM.


+ 1 sidebars image, width: 200px, height: 400px.
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+ 500px wide posts.
+ Easy editable colors.


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Under the cut you will find approximately 500 HQ small/medium roleplayable gifs of the cupcake that is Arden Cho. Arden is best known for her acting career and for being a youtuber. There shouldn’t be any repeats or frozen gifs but I apologize if there are, also non of these gifs are mine and I take no credit for them, all the credit goes to the talented people that made them. Please like or reblog this gif hunt if you’ve found it helpful or useful in any way.


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Hi guys, this is the psd #110 made by holepsds. It’s totally free and made for you, the only thing i ask is your like in respect of my work. You can adjust all the layers if you need. Download here.

how to get your muse back || a small guide


STEP ONE: Figure out why your muse isn’t cooperating with you.

Perhaps it’s because you’re not in the right mood, or because you have writer’s block in general, because suddenly the muse for another character comes up and replaces that one, if it’s temporarily or for a while. Whatever the reason may be, figure out the root of your problem and solve it. If you find it? Great. If not? Keep trying. You’re bound to get something.

STEP TWO: Look at all the different things your muse enjoys and immerse yourself in them.

You’ve chosen your muse for a reason! If you go through their interactions, their interests, their thoughts, their entire CHARACTER, I believe that you’ll reconnect with them again. Observe how they act around other characters, why they act a certain way, create headcanons for stuff you think would be reasonable for them. It should help make the muse interesting and fun once more.

STEP THREE: Find music which fits the character, look up art or fanfiction ( if your muse is the Canon sort ) and it could spark a muse.

You may have lost the feel of your character because you think you don’t play them well, or because they’re just so far from your own personality that you can’t grasp them well. If so, listen to music that suits their general mood and search for other characters who are similar to them. You’ll almost certainly have a deeper understanding of who that character is and how they would react in certain situations. Again, if your muse is a Canon Character, research about them and their world, how they’ve grown and changed throughout their lives. Add in your own headcanons to give depth, and most importantly…

STEP FOUR: Practice, practice, practice.

If you continue writing for them, you’re sure to get better. And when you do, it will be so much easier for the muse to cooperate with you because you’ve practiced their character! So keep with the muse(s) you’ve chosen to portray, and hopefully they’ll stick with you.

"amadeus" starter prompts

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