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Plot #33


Trigger warnings: abduction, abuse, stalking, sexual assault

MUSE A and MUSE B have been friends for awhile, and MUSE A has always had a bit of a crush on MUSE B. MUSE B is oblivious, and only views MUSE A as a friend. One day, the two are alone at MUSE A’s house, and MUSE A decides to confess their feelings. 

MUSE B is flattered, but just doesn’t reciprocate, and gently lets MUSE A down. MUSE A, however, doesn’t take the rejection very well.

MUSE B had no idea just how obsessively in love MUSE A is with them. Convinced they are meant to be together, MUSE A knocks MUSE B out. MUSE B wakes up shackled to a bed in MUSE A’s basement, too far underground for anyone to hear them scream, completely at MUSE A’s mercy. And all MUSE A wants is for MUSE B to love them…


  • MUSE B pretends to be falling in love with MUSE A to gain their trust and get them to let their guard down.
  • MUSE A physically abuses MUSE B whenever they say something they don’t like. 
  • MUSE A kills MUSE B in a fit of rage.
  • MUSE B kills MUSE A in self-defense.
  • MUSE A threatens MUSE A’s friends and family, and MUSE B must offer sexual favors in exchange for their safety.
  • MUSE B relies on their wits and manages to manipulate MUSE A into unlocking them, at which point they kick some ass.
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cillian’s dreamcasts: the most popular girls in school, part 1

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              Theme #001 “Jump Then Fall” by sebklainee
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2,000+ Plots:

Everyone uses plots in one way or another, so when I found this list of over 2,000 plots online, I couldn’t pass it up. They can be expanded upon and written stories about, or you could use them for a character in a roleplay, or even just a specific para in a roleplay or chapter in a book. (This list comes from & I claim no ownership of it.)

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au of frozen where everything’s exactly the same except right after “let it go,” elsa got her cape stuck in the door after she slammed it and fell flat on her face when she tried to sashay away

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Lord Of The Rings  PSD #05 (MF)

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Writing with Color: Description Guide - Words for Skin Tone

We discussed the issue of describing People of Color by means of food in Part I of this guide, which brought rise to even more questions, mostly along the lines of “So, if food’s not an option, what can I use?” Well, I was just getting to that!

This final portion focuses on describing skin tone, with photo and passage examples provided throughout. I hope to cover everything from the use of straight-forward description to the more creatively-inclined, keeping in mind the questions we’ve received on this topic.

So let’s get to it.

S T A N D A R D  D E S C R I P T I O N

B a s i c  C o l o r s


Pictured above: Black, Brown, Beige, White, Pink.

"She had brown skin.”

  • This is a perfectly fine description that, while not providing the most detail, works well and will never become cliché.
  • Describing characters’ skin as simply brown or beige works on its own, though it’s not particularly telling just from the range in brown alone.

C o m p l e x  C o l o r s

These are more rarely used words that actually “mean” their color. Some of these have multiple meanings, so you’ll want to look into those to determine what other associations a word might have.

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